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2013 Music Festival

A selection of photographs from the Music Festival 2013

Music adjudicator Marilynne Davies & Aisling Anderson
Twynhom Schol - pupil conductor (left) with Holywood Shield
Ruby McGregor - Houston Quaich for Scots Songs
Sam Hodgson Grade 6 & 7 Violin solo
Troqueer & Georgetown share tin whistle trophy
Colvend Ukelele Band
Starting young - Anna Irving - Grade 1 violin solo
Youth music initiative Tin Whistle mixed age class
Clever kids - Twynholm School with all their trophies
Cargenbridge with Distnction Award
Laurieknowe - with music adjudicator Sewar Fyffe
Cargenbridge Choir - Dr Bennet Shield
Hecklegirth go Fitba Crazy
Hecklegirth & Newington share trophy
Newington Primary School
Emma Olley - Grade 4 Piano Solo with James Crosbie Cup
Forbes Kinghorn winner Guitar class
Brass Duet - Callum Love & Naomi Brotherston
Madeline Jamieson, Dumfries Academy, Distinction Award for Violin Solos
Moffat Academy - Recorder Group
Lois Clark-Skilling Vocal Classes
Leah Flett winner P4/5 vocal solo
Annan Town Band outstanding award
Class 135 Emma Kennedy and Abbie Houston with their commendation certificates
Class 132 Robert Ponton with his certificate of commendation
Class 134 Rory Morford and Finlay Bainbridge
Class 133 Gemma McLeod and Aleksei Wishart
Maxwelltown West Brownies
Class 135 Charlie Carr and Sam Solley
Forbes Kinghorn winner of class 127 and class 130
Class 132 Finlay Bainbridge with his crit sheet
Class 132 Lindsey Gatherer
Class 130 Alice Dale with her crit sheet
Class 130 Lorna Rideout with her crit sheet
Class 128 winner
Class 127 Paola Hristova
Northwest Rainbows and Brownies
Class 81 Catriona Clark
Class 90 Callen Love