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2013 Festival Accordion and Fiddle

A selection of photographs from the 2013 Festival Accordion and Fiddle section.

Class 2 Emma Dickson with Susan MacFadyen
Class 3 Ross Gardiner
Class 5 Ian Grey and Kyle Rowan with Susan MacFadyen
Class 4 adjudicator Susan MacFadyen with Zara Weir
Wallace Hall academy accordionist Joan Hutchison practices for her class
Local musician Cameron Wood with his certificate of distinction
Iona Bonaventura with her trophies
Emma Dickson with her trophies
Class 22 Samantha Erskine with adjudicator Susan MacFadyen
Class 21 Jonathan Millar
Class 14 Amy muirhead
Class 12 Sean Allan, Iona Bonaventura, Shona MacFadyen and Cameron Wood
Class 12 Iona Bonaventura
Class 11 Iona Bonaventura with Shona MacFadyen
Class 10 Aisling Anderson with Shona MacFadyen
Class 9 Emma Morrison
Class 7  Susan MacFadyen, Innes Kennedy with Ian Riddet
Class 7 Margaret Holmes, Innes Kennedy with Susan MacFadyen
Class 6 Emma Dickson with Susan MacFadyen
Class 5 Kyle Rowan
Class 1 Andrew Erskine with Susan MacFadyen
Brother and sister Andrew and Samantha Erskine with their trophies
Amy Muirhead with her trophies